Welcome to Our Church

Loving God & Loving Others


This “spiritual family” began meeting in Naperville in July 1970, in the home of Jim and Shirley Rampton. There were 16 people present. After only three months, we outgrew the Rampton’s home! Our family then moved on to worship in the Naperville Park District’s Barn with 50 members plus Jim and Shirley Rampton that first week. We soon moved from there into the park district’s memorial chapel. After only 17 months, and having grown to 59 members, we were ready to purchase our first building as a congregation – the building located at 7th and Washington. We worshipped there for several years and by 1985, we numbered around 200 and were outgrowing our building. At this time, we took the grand step of selling all of our property and purchasing the land for our current location. On March 6, 1987, our current location had its first worship service with 249 people worshipping. It was dedicated to God, God’s service, and His glory.
Since that time, we have grown significantly. Hundreds have passed through our fellowship as life situations have taken them throughout the country. We have members from every region of the United States and many countries around the world. Here you will a diverse groups of people, from many religious backgrounds, loving, worshipping and serving God side by side. When we look to the future, we see endless possibilities. The current family at Naperville is so very grateful for those original members, and the commitment they made to create a lasting family of Christians in the Chicagoland area expressing love and gratitude to God through worship and service to others. In 2010 a new multi-purpose facility opened to serve Naperville and surrounding communities.