Before I Go

A person’s last words are often notable. They speak to you before leaving the house in the morning or leaving town in the evening. Last words can contain what they consider to be of the utmost importance. In the early chapters of Deuteronomy, Moses recounts Israel’s history with God to this point in their journey....


The Book of Numbers: Finding the Right Number

  There are plenty of numbers in the Bible book of Numbers. One number stands out above all of the other ones. To Think About: To Live Out: Choices are everywhere. From where to when to how to why. All the numbers in Numbers point back to #1: God. As your day continues, be aware...


In the Beginning…God

Once you get past the table of contents in your Bible, you enter the book of Genesis. The name alone tells you something is about to start. As the saying goes, first things first. Before people existed, the world did, but even before the world, there was God. To Think About: To Pray About: To...


Thankfulness Amid Rejection

God has done so much! Jesus has done so much! With wide eyes, we must say, “Thank you!” To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: Let gratitude be something you do more than once with God. Whether it’s him bringing up the sun each day or giving you another breath, you matter to...

November 20, 2022November 17, 2022by

When You Hate What You Have

Sunday morning’s message was a reminder you can possess what belongs to the enemy. Deuteronomy 7 contains God’s words of instruction that Moses was delivering to the people. To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: The devil is like a prowling lion seeking his next meal (1 Peter 5:8-9). Keep your eyes open,...

November 13, 2022November 11, 2022by

Hypocrisy: When Religion Destroys Relationships

In Sunday’s message, we heard Jesus pronounce seven woes toward the religious leaders of his day. Those indictments are in Matthew 23:13-39. What all had he seen that led him to speak so strongly? Those verses reveal much, but even more can be found in the earlier part of the chapter. To Think About: Read...


Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – Limited Time Only

How can you start reading the Bible if you never have? How do you restart if you have not been doing it? Read something short: 2 John or Philemon. Read something that has plenty of action: Gospel of Mark. Read a few verses from Proverbs each day. Read a psalm every day. You might want...

September 19, 2022September 19, 2022by

Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – Plain or Loaded?

Many parts of the Bible may not be easy to understand. One way to grasp something you’ve just read is to reread it in a different translation. As we did in this Sunday’s message, read from a translation you usually don’t. For example, read from The Message or The New Century Version, then go back...

September 12, 2022September 12, 2022by

Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – Change My Order

The words of the Bible can pose the biggest challenge to two kinds of people. The first is the person who has never read anything from the Bible. The second is the person who has, but they read something that made no sense to them. How can you share God’s words with someone who doesn’t...


Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – It’s All About You!

Psalm 119 has so many actions you can take to interact with God’s words. On Sunday, one of the ways we read about was hiding God’s word in your heart (119:11). You can tuck God’s words away in your heart by memorizing them. That is what you’ve done with your social security number, your account...