Community Groups: Living This Life Together

The words in the book of Hebrews offer encouragement through what must have been a difficult time. Though you cannot know every circumstance facing that audience, you can be certain that your difficult days leave you feeling the same way: tired, scared, uncertain, and maybe hopeless at times. The focus of Hebrews, like every other...


Did God Really Say ______?

The Garden of Eden must have been a beautiful place! Amid all the beauty, some difficult decisions had to be made. To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: Your everyday life rarely consists of a walk in a garden, yet it still contains directives about what is best for your life and those...


In the Beginning…God

Once you get past the table of contents in your Bible, you enter the book of Genesis. The name alone tells you something is about to start. As the saying goes, first things first. Before people existed, the world did, but even before the world, there was God. To Think About: To Pray About: To...


All Pointing to His Arrival: A Checkpoint

The arrival of Jesus is not just about the end of the year. It is a message about God entering our world in a specific place. Bethlehem was steeped in history, but it’s not the place that is always important. What mattered on that night was what happened there. To Think About: To Live Out:...


All Pointing to His Arrival: A Pinpoint

Two millennia ago, one day ended without a baby named Jesus ever being in it. The next day began with that baby’s arrival – and the world would never be the same. That moment in history changed things forever. To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: Christmas is a great time to talk...

December 25, 2022December 21, 2022by

All Pointing to His Arrival: An Endpoint

With the arrival of Jesus, many things changed. A young couple was no longer just ‘him and her.’ Shepherds and some wise men were no longer without some stories to tell. It was also the end of what had plagued humanity for generation after generation. To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: You...

December 18, 2022December 15, 2022by

All Pointing to His Arrival: A Waypoint

The arrival of Jesus is more than a baby in a manger. It even involves more than Jesus. Yesterday’s message taught you that God uses waypoints to show you he is leading the way. John the Baptist, like prophets before him, was getting people ready for the arrival of Jesus. To Think About: To Pray...

December 11, 2022December 5, 2022by

Wear = Where

To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: It has been said, “Clothes make the person.” When the apostle Paul says we can be clothed in Christ, what does that make you? If you wear Christ, that should influence your home-life, job, hobbies, TV-viewing, and even what you post online. As you get dressed...

November 27, 2022November 23, 2022by

Thankfulness Amid Rejection

God has done so much! Jesus has done so much! With wide eyes, we must say, “Thank you!” To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: Let gratitude be something you do more than once with God. Whether it’s him bringing up the sun each day or giving you another breath, you matter to...

November 20, 2022November 17, 2022by

When You Hate What You Have

Sunday morning’s message was a reminder you can possess what belongs to the enemy. Deuteronomy 7 contains God’s words of instruction that Moses was delivering to the people. To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: The devil is like a prowling lion seeking his next meal (1 Peter 5:8-9). Keep your eyes open,...

November 13, 2022November 11, 2022by