1 God, 2 Prophets, 3 Enemies

It’s a battle, and the stage is set in 1 Kings. Sides were taken then, and the same sides are taken today. To Think About: To Live Out: Your trust in God at this moment may reflect the disappointment of Baal’s team, or it might be more like Elijah’s trust. It could be you are...


Unity Lost, Division Gained

Under Saul, David, and Solomon, there was only one kingdom. In 1 Kings 12, that kingdom divides. Rehoboam, son of Solomon, leads one part of the divided kingdom, while Jeroboam, a former official of Solomon’s, leads the other. To Think About: To Live Out: Where are you getting your advice? No matter how you respond,...


The Wisdom of Solomon

Solomon’s wisdom is given to him by God in 1 Kings 3:5-12. What a gift! Of all that Solomon could have asked for, he asked for a discerning heart. He wanted to be a wise leader. You’ll read his wise words in many books of the Bible. Go ahead and look at some of them....


What Are You Looking At?

1 Samuel 16 tells of a change coming in Israel’s leadership. Instead of a democracy like we might think of, God’s eyes are the ones looking and choosing. To Think About: To Live Out: They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. Fortunately for us, God is a God of second...

September 17, 2023September 14, 2023by

The Book of 1 Samuel – After All He Has Done

The Book of 1 Samuel opens with Samuel’s story. From boy to leader, he would go on to witness both good and bad times. In that way, it’s not a story unlike yours. The people he is around during his lifetime make good and bad choices which are not unlike you. To Think About: To...

September 10, 2023September 8, 2023by

Ruth’s Redemption

The Book of Ruth is beautiful, but it shines even more when you place it in its proper context. It opens by telling the reader that it took place during the time of the judges. Judges is the book right before Ruth. If you read the last verse of Judges, you’ll find out how bad...

September 3, 2023September 1, 2023by

In Whose Eyes? The Book of Judges

When there’s no one in the room, it can feel like no one is looking at you. And if no one is looking at you, it can feel like you can do what you want. That must have been how people felt in the book of Judges. Now, these weren’t just any people; they were...

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