Wear = Where

To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: It has been said, “Clothes make the person.” When the apostle Paul says we can be clothed in Christ, what does that make you? If you wear Christ, that should influence your home-life, job, hobbies, TV-viewing, and even what you post online. As you get dressed...

November 27, 2022November 23, 2022by

Thankfulness Amid Rejection

God has done so much! Jesus has done so much! With wide eyes, we must say, “Thank you!” To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: Let gratitude be something you do more than once with God. Whether it’s him bringing up the sun each day or giving you another breath, you matter to...

November 20, 2022November 17, 2022by

When You Hate What You Have

Sunday morning’s message was a reminder you can possess what belongs to the enemy. Deuteronomy 7 contains God’s words of instruction that Moses was delivering to the people. To Think About: To Pray About: To Live Out: The devil is like a prowling lion seeking his next meal (1 Peter 5:8-9). Keep your eyes open,...

November 13, 2022November 11, 2022by

Hypocrisy: When Religion Destroys Relationships

In Sunday’s message, we heard Jesus pronounce seven woes toward the religious leaders of his day. Those indictments are in Matthew 23:13-39. What all had he seen that led him to speak so strongly? Those verses reveal much, but even more can be found in the earlier part of the chapter. To Think About: Read...


The International Mission of God: Go!

In Acts 22, Paul tells about being sent out by Jesus. There is so much to think about, pray about, and live out in your own life. To Think About: Read verses 1-5. Paul gives a very brief summary of his life and his belief in God. What is the summary of where you’re from...


The National Mission of God: Go!

In Luke 10, Jesus is sending six dozen pairs of people out. They are told to “Go!” in verse 3. To Think About: Read verses 1-3. What does Jesus mean when he says, “The harvest is plentiful”? What does a prayer for workers sound like? How will you add that prayer to your prayers? Read...


The Local Mission of God: Go!

In Luke 8:26-39, Jesus has people looking and talking. Some are afraid, and others are thrilled. To Think About: Read verses 26-29. What can be some of the scariest aspects of being around people who aren’t like you? Where would Jesus go today to find people who have been banished from town? Read verses 30-35....


Worship Starts Before Worship Starts

In Romans 12, Paul explains that worship happens more than once a week. Worship is ongoing. To Think About: Read verses 1-2. ‘Sacrifice’ isn’t a word we use much except in finances (“I guess I’ll make a sacrifice and not buy a cup of coffee today.”) and baseball (“sacrifice fly”). What does Paul say we...


Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – Limited Time Only

How can you start reading the Bible if you never have? How do you restart if you have not been doing it? Read something short: 2 John or Philemon. Read something that has plenty of action: Gospel of Mark. Read a few verses from Proverbs each day. Read a psalm every day. You might want...

September 19, 2022September 19, 2022by

Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – Plain or Loaded?

Many parts of the Bible may not be easy to understand. One way to grasp something you’ve just read is to reread it in a different translation. As we did in this Sunday’s message, read from a translation you usually don’t. For example, read from The Message or The New Century Version, then go back...

September 12, 2022September 12, 2022by