Mark & Jennifer Webb

Lead Minister

Mark and Jennifer Webb are both originally from southeast Iowa. That is where they grew up, met at church, and started their family. They partner not only in marriage and raising children, but in doing other kingdom work.

Mark worked for General Electric for 17 years before earning a master’s degree in ministry from Harding University. As a minister, his passion is to effectively communicate the truths in God’s word, the Bible. He believes this involves understanding both the Bible and the listeners. When both are understood, words and people that are over 2,000 years old can radically change our lives today. The communities we live in can know that loving people want to share this life-changing message.

Mark and Jennifer have three daughters who have each grown up while their family ministered in Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Allison is in high school. Renee is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and digital media. Natalie is working on a master’s degree in nursing. Their family also includes a special little white dog, Rose. They are all excited to call Naperville ‘home.’

The Webbs enjoy daytrips, music, and major league baseball. They are Chicago Cubs fans, except for one daughter who cheers for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Lead Minister

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