Jesus Is the Subject of the Whole Bible – Part 1

For your personal time of study or for use in discussion with others.

My thoughts:

  • The first 2/3 of the Bible contains people such as Adam, Eve, Noah, David, and Boaz. There are also all the plagues, all the psalms, and all the prophets. In Luke 24:27, Jesus uses all of that to explain who he is. How have I used my family history, or any other part of history, to tell someone who I am?
  • What is one of my favorite stories from the Old Testament? What characteristics of Jesus do I see in it? How could I use that story to teach someone else about Jesus?
  • Is there a specific book or story in the Old Testament that I would find difficult to tie back to Jesus’ life or teachings? What makes it hard to do?
  • Why do I think God used so many different people, events, and years to set the scene for Jesus’ arrival on earth?

My words and actions:

God used his words and actions to start moving the world toward his arrival – from a Creator who brought things into existence with just a word to the arrival of a baby whom John would call “the Word.” God also wants to use my words and actions to point people to Jesus. When people look back at my time with them, I want to know that Jesus could be seen.

My prayer;

Lord, I want all my life to be used by you, for you. As you’ve seen fit to be involved in the lives of anyone who will allow you to, I want to join that long list of those who will be examples of Jesus Christ. More than a Christian in name, I want to be like Christ so others can be like Christ. Your love for me is more than I can imagine. Thank you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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