Revelation: The Beginning and the End

For your personal time of study or for use in discussion with others.

My thoughts:

  • Revelation 12:1-6 has some parts that remind me of the story of Jesus’ birth (see Matthew 2). Whether it’s a baby’s history or a dragon’s imagery, God is in control. In what ways is the dragon, or devil, trying to oppose God in my life today? What am I doing to resist being dragged away from God?
  • Revelation 13:1-8 describes another beast. There are many beasts in the Bible, but this one is defeated by the Lamb that has already been slain. Going from death to life shows me the Lamb is Jesus! It is another reminder that God is in control – even over beasts! In what ways am I tempted to worship something or someone other than Jesus? How can I tell what I’m worshipping?
  • The very last words of the very last book of the Bible give an itinerary of sorts (Rev. 22:20-21). Jesus will soon be coming back! Am I ready for that? Am I excited about it?

My words and actions:

No matter how much seems to be spinning out of control, God is still in control. The imagery in Revelation may not all make sense, but it’s very clear that the One on the throne has the final say. He will also make the final move: his return. As I wait for that, I need to get ready. What I say and do need to honor him and lead others to him.

My prayer;

Come, Lord Jesus.

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