Revelation: The Reporters and Their News

For your personal time of study or for use in discussion with others.

My thoughts:

  • The book of Revelation opens by telling me its message is meant to be a blessing (1:1-3). I haven’t always thought of it that way. To me, the book has been scary or confusing. In what way does this “revelation of Jesus Christ” reveal Jesus to me?
  • How does it make me feel to realize that God wants us to know what the future holds?
  • After reading 2:1-5, what do my actions say about who or what is most important in my life?
  • At what time in my life did I feel closest to God or the most dedicated to him?
  • In 22:12-13, John records some words Jesus spoke. How do these self-descriptions of Jesus change the way I should view Him?

My words and actions:

My words and actions will be noticed this week. Different parts of Revelation remind me that I am not outside of God’s view. That’s meant to be encouraging to me! He knows what I need and when I need it, but it also means I may need to change some of my words or actions. I want to honestly say that I am a servant of Jesus. I do not want to realize my commitment has lessened as time passes. I win because Jesus won!

My prayer;

Jesus, I want you to be my first love. You have done so much for me and so much to have me. Please help me have the courage to change what I need to so that I honor you with every part of my life. Through your name and all that it means, Amen.

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