His Body, His Blood

For your personal time of study or for use in discussion with others.

My thoughts:

  • Matthew 27:38-50 describes the day Jesus died. Those words remind me what a horrible death that must have been. His body was beaten and pierced so many times. His blood flowed from all of the wounds. In his own words, he had said of some bread and wine, “This is my body and my blood” (Matt. 26:26-28). Those very things are meant to remind me of what happened to Jesus. Since he died for the sins of the world, I contributed to his death this past week when my thoughts were ______________ , and in my actions, I ______________ .
  • Matthew 28:1-10 describes the morning Jesus came back to life! Those words remind me what a wonderful day that must have been! His lungs took in air again, and his heart began beating. In his own words, he said, “Don’t be afraid” (Matt. 28:1-10). Those very words are to remind me Jesus is still alive! I am afraid sometimes – especially when ______________ .

My words and actions:

The cross and empty tomb are paradoxical: life and death, loss and victory, emptiness and hope. Even more, they are part of the story that tells me how much I matter to Jesus. What he did, he did for me. Yes, he did it for everyone, but that also means he did it for me. I can be part of his body, which continues today as the church (Col. 1:18)! His blood, flowing so long ago, still covers my sins (1 Jn. 1:7)! My words, thoughts, and actions have a reason to always reflect that unequaled Sunday morning when the ladies came to the tomb!

My prayer;

Father, thank you for all you have done to assure me I have a place in your presence. The very things that can keep me away from you are the very things you came to earth to defeat. Jesus, you not only showed me how to live, but in your death, you showed me what I must put to death in my own life. And then that one Sunday morning . . . you were alive again! I praise you! I thank you! Your powerful name is the only name! Amen.

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