From the Pen of Paul: Where Are We Going?

For your personal time of study or for use in discussion with others.

My thoughts:

  • My plans for the rest of the day include ______________ . Tomorrow I have to ______________ . As for the rest of the month, I can’t forget to ______________ . The problem is my (pick one or more) pain, job, family, past, bills, and I don’t know how I can do what I need to. Some days, I feel like I could give up. That’s why it puzzles me when I read Philippians 1:13-18. The Apostle Paul is chained as a prisoner, yet he still finds a way to rejoice. His circumstances have not changed his attitude. Though my circumstances aren’t ideal right now, I still see Jesus at work in ______________ . Because of that, I will rejoice.
  • In some ways, I envision getting through today OK, but to do it all again tomorrow? And the next day? It’s good to know I’m not alone in that feeling. Paul writes to a church family in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18. He ends by saying his words are to be an encouragement. To me, they are because ______________ . Even though the clock moves slowly some days, there’s a day coming when I won’t even need a clock! I will be with Jesus forever!

My words and actions:

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, but I am not alone in the battle, nor will I have to fight it forever. Jesus is still reaching people, including me, and the power of his name is still changing lives, including mine. Because of all of that, I can be joyful! The pain is still painful and the struggles are still hard, but the good still happens amidst the bad. Then, on the timeline of history, forever has yet to really start. That’s how long I will be in the presence of Jesus – forever!

My prayer;

Lord, I long to be with you face-to-face forever! I know your Spirit is present in me now, but my eyes want to see you, and my hands want to hold yours. Until that day, please help me endure today’s struggles and rejoice in today’s victories! Only in your powerful name do I dare to speak, Amen.

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