From the Prophets: Tears of Abandonment

For your personal time of study or for use in discussion with others.

My thoughts:

  • What things are going on in my world that make me understand Habakkuk’s meaning when he wrote 1:1-4? What kinds of wrongs are going on locally or internationally? How can I tell people have abandoned God?
  •  When I read Amos 2:4-8, I’m saddened the most that the people of Israel were ______________. And I’m shocked to read that they ______________. They used to follow God and his teachings, but it’s clear that they finally abandoned God.

My words and actions:

Over the last year, I’ve heard and read what God and Jesus said. Two or three that I remember are: ______________. I have also witnessed them doing things in my own life, as well as what I read about in the Bible. Some of these that come to mind are: ______________ . Have I changed what God wanted me to change? Have I started or stopped what Jesus’ words instructed me to do? Have I abandoned God in any part of my life?

My prayer;

God, I need your help remembering what I have heard and read about you. You used people long ago to relay your words, and you use people today to do the same. I want to hear, but I often find it difficult to do what you want. I get selfish and like it my way. I don’t want to abandon you, so please forgive me for the ways I have. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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