God’s Mission in Jesus: To Lead

You are on a journey. You’re moving toward or away from something. You’re inching closer or further to something else. Though it may change from year to year or from one time of life to another, you are heading somewhere.

To Think About:

  • When driving for a big trip, do you prefer to travel at night or during the day? Why?
  • Read Exodus 13:21-22. How did God lead his people in their travels? Describe how you envision the fire and the cloud. The passage mentions that neither pillar “left its place.” What does this consistency reveal about God’s leading?
  • Read John 8:12. In what ways is Jesus like the pillars of clouds and fire in Exodus? What is Jesus leading his followers to?
  • Have you experienced moments where following Jesus brought clarity, understanding, or a sense of purpose into your life?
  • Discuss the idea that followers of Jesus are called to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14-16). How can Christians fulfill this mission in their world?

To Live Out:

How are you getting to where you are going? Whose lead are you following? If you follow Jesus, you join a long legacy of lights leading the way. From fire and clouds to a teacher speaking to the crowds. What will you say or do next that will reflect how good your Leader is?

To Pray About:

  • Tell God the ways your path isn’t always clear right now. Share with him how you aren’t sure where you are going.
  • Ask Jesus to point you in the right direction.

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