Unity Lost, Division Gained

Under Saul, David, and Solomon, there was only one kingdom. In 1 Kings 12, that kingdom divides. Rehoboam, son of Solomon, leads one part of the divided kingdom, while Jeroboam, a former official of Solomon’s, leads the other.

To Think About:

  • In 1 Kings 12:4-14 read how Rehoboam began to lead. As a result, some people wanted nothing to do with him as king. When are you tempted to let power or position wrongly influence what you do? What are some potential outcomes if you make that poor choice?
  • Those who didn’t want to serve Rehoboam chose to follow Jeroboam. In 1 Kings 12:27-33 read how Jeroboam led. When has your leadership led others away from God or God’s ways of living? Is there something you can still do to correct that situation or relationship?
  • Both leaders followed bad advice (12:8, 28), resulting in a divided kingdom and diverting attention from God. Think of some people in your life whose advice you would not follow. What makes bad advice bad? Why is bad advice often taken and followed?

To Live Out:

Where are you getting your advice? No matter how you respond, where does your source get theirs? Regardless how passionately given, the wrong advice can lead to division. It can also damage relationships between people and between God and people. Seek advice wisely and lead humbly.

To Pray About:

  • Confess to God when you’ve sought wisdom from places or people that don’t have Him as the origin.
  • Ask for the wisdom needed to make the right choice – any choice.

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