Ruth’s Redemption

The Book of Ruth is beautiful, but it shines even more when you place it in its proper context. It opens by telling the reader that it took place during the time of the judges. Judges is the book right before Ruth. If you read the last verse of Judges, you’ll find out how bad things were.

To Think About:

  • Ruth is the daughter-in-law of Naomi. Ruth is from one country, and Naomi another. With the death of both of their husbands, they end up back in Naomi’s homeland. Read Ruth 1:16-18. What lessons do you learn from Ruth’s choice? From Naomi’s?
  • In Ruth 2:1-10, Ruth realizes she’d been noticed. What is it to be seen? Not just seen with eyes, but seen for who you are? Why would that have mattered to Ruth? When has it mattered to you?
  • Read Ruth 4:9-10. In what was customary at the time, Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s husband, could keep Ruth and her husband’s property in the family. Boaz married Ruth! Using a significant term, Boaz redeemed the land as well as Ruth. In what ways would this have radically changed what may have happened to a stranger in a strange town?
  • Read 1 Peter 1:18-19. How were you redeemed? Have you accepted Jesus’ offer to make him part of your family?

To Live Out:

You aren’t from the place where your redeemer is from, but he will take you there. He said he is coming back to gather up those who are his. Live redeemed! Live ready to go to where you belong!

To Pray About:

  • Express to God what redemption has meant to you over the days/months/years since you’ve accepted his offer.
  • Share with God how you have trouble believing he did what he did for you.
  • Ask God for eyes to see others who are ready to hear of Jesus’ redeeming power.

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