The Book of Numbers: Finding the Right Number


There are plenty of numbers in the Bible book of Numbers. One number stands out above all of the other ones.

To Think About:

  • Read Numbers 9:15-22. How many cues did God give to indicate it was time to move or stop? What are the difficulties in following God’s cues, even when it is as simple as watching for the movement of a cloud?
  • Read Numbers 13:26-30; 14:8-9. Caleb and Joshua knew Israel could win the battle. How many reasons did they have? Why did two explorers have faith in what God could do while the other ten did not? When you get scared, why do you or don’t you have faith in God?
  • Read Ephesians 4:4-6. What is the same number that Paul keeps using? Is Paul being restrictive by not giving more choices? Why or why not?

To Live Out:

Choices are everywhere. From where to when to how to why. All the numbers in Numbers point back to #1: God. As your day continues, be aware of who you are putting first. Which cues signal you to stop or start something? God’s or those of something else? Whose ways are you following? God’s or your own? If there are many answers, see if you can spend more time with #1: God.

To Pray About:

  • Wisdom to hear God’s words and ways above all the others we hear.
  • Strength to choose God when the choices are plentiful.
  • Humility to be second so God can be first.

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