Leading Like It Matters: Do I Keep Leading?


At any age, it can be difficult to be a leader. With years should come wisdom to lead, yet it’s often that same wisdom that leads you to question whether you still can lead.

To Think About:

  • Read Matthew 20:20-28. What was Jesus’ solution to wanting the best thing for yourself? In what way did Jesus practice what he preached?
  • Read Titus 2:1-2 Jesus’ idea of leadership is wanting something better for others. How are the older people on Crete with Titus to lead others in this way?
  • Read Exodus 18:13-27. Describe Moses’ workload. How must he have felt at the end of one of those days? Describe Jethro’s solution. How might his work as a priest or his role as a father or grandfather have helped him make such a suggestion?
  • In what ways did Jethro serve Moses and the young nation of Israel in the way that Jesus would later talk about?

To Live Out:

You are older than someone. In what ways can you lead them by serving them? Wherever you end up leading them, make sure they know the way to Jesus. When they’ve found him, you’ve gained a brother or sister with whom you can continue to share the journey.

To Pray About:

Remember the 40 Days of Prayer that NCOC is currently doing together.

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