Followers Who Lead – Part 1


The church families you have been a part of in the past may have had several or no elders. Even in the absence of such leaders, there were still probably some people helping lead the way. Their roles are undoubtedly different from one culture to another and from one time period to another, yet there is one constant: following Jesus.

To Think About:

  • Read Titus 1:10-16. How does the description of Crete’s world match the description of our world? Are any of those actions something you have done lately?
  • To help Christians on Crete follow Christ, Titus was to appoint elders among the different groups of believers. Read Titus 1:6-9. List the negative qualifications that the would-be elders should avoid. What are the positive qualifications they should possess?
  • Explain how some of the different qualifications are necessary for a leader in a world as described in verses 10-16 or our own world.

To Live Out:

It can be easy to point the finger and say to another person, “You should live like this.” Though the descriptions given are for a church elder, most of them are what any Christian should aspire to. Spend time each day this week noting which ones you already possess and which ones you need to strengthen or practice.

To Pray About:

Remember the 40 Days of Prayer that NCOC is currently doing together.

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