Exodus – A Time and A Way: A Way to Worship God


The second half of Exodus appears to be details about construction and rituals. There are some skillful people and some impatient people, yet God stays close by. As you slow down and read, you’ll find the people are not only listening to God, they are watching him.

To Think About:

  • Read Exodus 25:1-8. What would have been some benefits of the people knowing where God was ‘living’? What are the drawbacks of God being seemingly confined to a tent?
  • Read Exodus 25:10, 22. God and his laws are inseparable. In what ways are you inclined to separate who God is from what he says?
  • Read Exodus 33:7-10. To this point in their story or lineage, what had these people seen God do that would have prompted their worship?

To Pray About:

  • With the words of your prayer, be in awe of God.

To Live Out:

Read John 1:14. While Exodus tells of God living in a tent, John speaks of God living in a person named Jesus. Look to Jesus as the people in Exodus kept their eyes on the tent. When you want to know what God would do in the situations you are in, look to Jesus to see what he’s doing.

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