Exodus – A Time and A Way: A Way to Know God


All those laws and rules in the front of the Bible can be confusing, can’t they? Yet, what if you look behind the law and see the lawmaker?

To Pray About:

  • The Bible, unlike other books, is from an author you can speak to every time you open it. Before you begin this devotional, talk to God about the Bible. You could thank him for it. You might share you’re frustrated or confused by it.

To Think About:

  • What rules in your house might others laugh at if they heard them? Why did you make that rule?
  • Where would you go to find the laws of your city? Take a few minutes and see if you can find the wording for a few of them online. What do they tell you about your city or the lawmakers of your city?
  • Read Exodus 20:1-12 or 20:13-17. In the five laws you selected, what do you learn about what God values? What is important to him?
  • Look at Exodus chapters 21-23. Find a law or rule that is exactly like one we have today. Find another one that makes you wonder why it is there. What does either indicate about God’s character or desire for humanity? (Remember, the laws weren’t written to us, but they have been saved for us. We won’t always know what they mean or why they were given.)
  • Read Exodus 24:3-8. The people not only listened to God’s words, they responded to them. Discuss some of the responses there can be to God’s words in our own time. What can you do to help people listen to God and obey him?

To Live Out:

You now know something about God. You’ll also see these qualities in God’s Son, Jesus. Did you know you can reflect them? That’s right! You can show God’s characteristics to those around you! His laws and other words are there so you’ll know him. They are also there so other people will know him. He can use you to share those words and characteristics with others.

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