Exodus – A Time and A Way: A Time to Wait for God


Read Exodus 1:6-14. You wait for your ride on your front step. You wait for the train on the platform. You wait for your order below the sign that reads, “Wait here.” Waiting for God, though, doesn’t always have a specific spot for you to stand. The Bible shows you many people who had to wait on God. For some, it was a short time, and for others, it was much longer.

To Think About:

  • Read Exodus 2:23. While you wait, cry out to God. Considering all that is going on in the world, what do you say are the top five things to cry out to God about? What about those put them at the top of your list?
  • Thinking of your life, what are the top two things you are crying out to God about? What makes them some of the most difficult right now?
  • While you wait, watch the signs. Read Exodus 4:1-9. What signs did God give to Moses? Who would benefit from those signs? What would those benefits be?
  • Share some of the signs you have seen lately that remind you God is still active.

To Live Out:

While you wait, listen to God. The Bible shares many things that God has said. He spoke using his own voice and through people like Joel, Isaiah, and Paul. Most importantly, God has spoken through Jesus (Hebrews 1:1-2). Read what God has been saying and consider how you can live out what you’ve read. What is God asking you to do or say? What is God indicating you should stop or start?

To Pray About: Read Exodus 2:24-25. While you wait, know God is listening. You don’t need the best words or the right phrases. You don’t even need words at all. Talk, groan, cry out, or sit silently. Know the God of the universe is listening.

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