Because of Resurrection

Long ago, an event changed the world: a heavy stone was moved, a dead person was no longer dead, and angels were talking to some women! Today, some people begin to cry when they think about that Sunday morning, and others refuse to believe any such things happened on that Sunday morning.

To Pray About:

  • Share with God what you currently believe or doubt about the resurrection of Jesus.

To Think About:

  • Read Matthew 28:1-10. If you have read this before, is there anything new that stands out? If you are reading this for the first time, what parts of it seem significant to you?
  • The women came to the tomb because they expected to find a body. When you think about Jesus, what are you looking for? What are you after when you read or hear his words?
  • The women came to the tomb, and they probably had a plan for what they would do after that. Their plan certainly didn’t include hearing from an angel. He told them where they needed to go next. Where are you going? Whether it is later today or over the course of this year, what direction are you headed? Why are you going there?
  • The women came to the tomb because Jesus had meant the world to them. The least they could do was honor him. What they didn’t expect was being able to worship him – in person! What are you worshipping? What is it that you bow to? What is important enough to you that you drop everything for?

To Live Out:

Coming back from the dead was certainly meant to change the world, but Jesus’ resurrection was also to change you. The power of death and sin could no longer have the effect it had for so long. Death is not the end, and evil cannot win! Live in freedom knowing both!

To Pray About:

  • Share with God what you’ve learned about the resurrection of Jesus. Whether your belief or doubt has been reinforced, ask God to help you further consider the possibilities of what Matthew said happened that Sunday morning.

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