A Cabin and a Barn

Can you imagine if every day was your birthday? Of course, you don’t want to age that fast, but the presents would be fun to open! How long would it take before it wasn’t fun anymore? Sometimes that happens in your everyday life: you don’t find the joy in or thankfulness for what you have right now.

To Think About:

  • Read Luke 12:13-15. Is there anything wrong with this brother wanting the inheritance divided the right way? What about the brother’s question may have tipped Jesus off that the real problem was greed?
  • Give two or three ways you have been greedy in the last week? What is it that you wanted to acquire or keep for selfish reasons? (It doesn’t have to be an inheritance, like in what you read. It may be something small or seemingly insignificant.)
  • Read Luke 12:16-21. If Jesus told the story to you today, he might use something other than a barn or grain. Retell his story using contemporary items. Now, did you hear anything that you may have missed earlier?
  • What would you say the man in the parable, or story, ultimately wanted? Did he ever get it? If he did, how long did he have it? If he didn’t get it, why not?
  • Jesus ends by saying you should be rich toward God. When have you done that well? In what ways did it give to God and others? Did you receive anything from this?

To Live Out:

Wealth is more than money. You might be rich in time, talent, or numerous other things. Ultimately, those things are gifts from God. They are on loan to you for a period of time. Let the gift-giver see you doing what reflects how good He is!

To Pray About:

  • Convey to God what you are grateful for and why. Consider the items you can see with your eyes and those you know in your heart.
  • It takes wisdom to know when to share with others and how to share with them. Wisdom is something you can ask God for, so ask.

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