When Your Family Isn’t Perfect – Part 1

Some have a picture of their family tree hanging in their house, while others have a page in their Bibles with such information. Others would rather not think about those people whom they’d rather not even call ‘family.’ Love them or loathe them, you are a part of a family. The Bible tells of many good people, and it also contains story after story of imperfect people. You see, even the good ones were imperfect. That can give you hope!

To Think About:

  • Read Genesis 25:19-28. Later in Jacob’s life, you can blame him for his choices, but early on it seems his parents didn’t choose well. What is it about humanity that we LOVE God’s rewards, in this case, the end of barrenness, yet IGNORE God’s ways, in this case, choosing favorites? When was a time you recently worshipped or thanked God but soon made a choice that was contrary to what he would want from you?
  • Read Genesis 27:1-14 (or the whole story if you want). This is a messy family situation! Even if you aren’t familiar with birthrights, you can detect a con job when you see one. List a few actions that any one of the people could have taken to get this situation straightened out. Before you list too many, make sure to add how any of them could have invited God or God’s ways into this family event.
  • Read Genesis 28:10-19. Though Jacob’s life wasn’t full of well-intentioned plans, God still used him. What encouragement does that give you? Did you notice Jacob worshipped in verse 18? (Anointing involved dedicating yourself or another for a task.) When you remember God is still using you, what are the ways you will worship him?

To Pray About:

  • Whether you close your eyes and bow your head or leave them open and look up, envision the King on his throne. God’s promise to bless the whole world was seen so radically in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus!
  • Present to God the names of your family. Yes, it may take a few minutes, but they need God’s blessing, and you will be blessed for remembering them in this way. Share with him what your heart ultimately wants for them.

To Live Out:

If a person is difficult, it’s one thing to pray for them, but something entirely different to interact with them. Your prayer will remind you that God is present while also reminding you of your own imperfections. Before God, you are reminded we all need to bow before him.

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