Know the Way

Jesus was not one to avoid saying what needed to be said. When those closest to him were shocked at his latest news, he spoke words that gave them peace in the moment and hope for the future.

To Think About:

  • Look at some of the events going on in John 13. If your Bible has headings, it will help you understand what is going on. Next, Read John 14:1-4. Why would the apostles’ hearts have had reason to be troubled? What times have you felt shocked, scared, or speechless by what you had just heard?
  • Whose house is Jesus talking about? Why do you think Jesus spoke of a house (a better translation than ‘mansion’ of some Bible versions)? What’s the comfort that comes with a house and the rooms in it?
  • Read John 14:5-6. The way to this house, or where the Father is, can be found by following Jesus. He plainly says he is the way. Consider the phrase: “I am the way.” Spend a few minutes thinking about what each word means in this context. Say the phrase out loud and emphasize the one word. For example, “I am THE way.” What do you notice that you may not have seen before? What surprises you the most if you’ve never heard this about Jesus?

To Live Out:

If you know Jesus is the way, you have a message that needs to be shared! Many people around you do not know this. What can you do? 1) Help them know the way. Not with words or ways that person won’t understand, but clearly. Explain or live out what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 2) Help them know the way completely. It is more than being a nice person or sharing what you have. Those are good, but they are not completely the way to the Father. You could model “Jesus is the way” in your words, choices, responses, etc. Give them a complete picture of the Christian life. 3) Make sure they know the reason you do what you do is Christ. He’s why you can smile, why you can forgive, and why you can give a full day’s work. Those around you need to know the way: clearly, completely, Christ.

To Pray About:

  • Praise Jesus for what he taught and gave to the world.
  • Praise God for being a good Father and opening his home to you.

Ask God to help you be wise in how you share the way with others. Let him know you want to do it clearly, completely, and ever-centered on Christ.

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