God Will Provide

Whether you have many children or no children, what Abraham is told to do strikes at our very core. Why should a child, one of any age, be purposefully killed? What kind of God would pose such a dilemma? It may be a God who sees beyond this minute and into the next hour or day or lifetime.

To Think About:

  • Read Genesis 22:1-7. Abraham knows that God has called his name. We don’t know if he heard an audible voice or not. In what ways does God call your name, and the names of others, today? How do you discern God’s voice amid all the other voices that call for your attention?
  • In your own words, what did God want to learn from Abraham’s choice?
  • Read Genesis 22:8-14. What would you say is the difference between faith and foolishness? Which of the two did Abraham probably see? Isaac? How about if the servants could have seen what was going on?
  • Read Genesis 22:15-19. Faithfulness led to blessing. List all the people that ended up blessed because of Abraham’s choices over the last few days. Is there a way you’ve been blessed because of Abraham’s choice?
  • In your own words, describe how God did or did not learn what he wanted to from Abraham’s choice.
  • Read Hebrews 11:17-19. What are the parallels between Isaac’s story and Jesus’ story?

To Live Out:

There is no moment when you don’t have to make a choice. Some choices have little consequence (or so they seem), and others have tremendous implications. When you can look back, it’s often easier to see whether you should have selected one option or another. Without the ability to see the future, you can still learn from the past. Learn from those who have gone before you: Abraham, Isaac, or Sarah. Learn from friends who have experienced something similar to you. Gain wisdom from your own experiences. No matter what you do, though, listen for God. Read his words, hear his words, and speak his words to others. Your own choices can lead to a blessing for you and those coming after you.

To Pray About:

  • Thank Jesus for being the lamb for your own sacrifice. As you speak, see yourself in a situation like Isaac was.
  • Thank God for stepping into your life at just the right moments.
  • Ask God to help you listen to and for him even when it seems foolish or frightening.

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