All Pointing to His Arrival: A Pinpoint

Two millennia ago, one day ended without a baby named Jesus ever being in it. The next day began with that baby’s arrival – and the world would never be the same. That moment in history changed things forever.

To Think About:

  • How good are you at remembering names and dates in history? Here’s a test: Who was the second President of the United States? Here’s one more: When did Illinois become a state? (The answers are at the end.)
  • Looking back on your history, can you think of a time when God was really starting to work on you?
  • Read Matthew 1:22-23. God could have been “above us” or “around us,” but Matthew reminds us that God is “with us.” What does that mean to you? What can you do to remind yourself that God is here?
  • Read John 1:14-18. God could have come as a majestic animal or a huge mountain. Instead of either, he came to earth as a human being. Why did he come as a person like you? What does that teach you about God?

To Pray About:

  • Thank God for how he has worked in your history. Identify specific times and share those with him. A gift-giver always enjoys knowing the gift was appreciated.
  • Thank God for coming to earth and explain why you’re glad he came as a person like you.
  • Ask for help in continuing the mission of Jesus and showing God to others.

To Live Out:

Christmas is a great time to talk about Jesus because some people are already thinking about his birth. Whom can you talk to now so that conversation continues when the Christmas season is over?

(Answers: John Adams; Dec. 3, 1818)

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