Thankfulness Amid Rejection

God has done so much! Jesus has done so much! With wide eyes, we must say, “Thank you!”

To Think About:

  • Read Luke 17:11-19. In what ways are you like each of the characters?
    • Nine lepers: When has Jesus done something for you, but you did not express gratitude?
    • One leper: When you have thanked Jesus for what he’s done, what words did you use? Did your body or posture communicate anything?
    • Jesus: When have you helped others know what God can do for them? Did that person say, “Thank you”? How did you feel if they did? How did you feel if they didn’t?

To Pray About:

  • Let God know that YOU know what HE has done for you. Before that prayer, you might want to list some different periods of your life, problems in your life, or affected people in your life.

To Live Out:

Let gratitude be something you do more than once with God. Whether it’s him bringing up the sun each day or giving you another breath, you matter to him. Whether it was him sending Jesus for you or sending Jesus back for you, you matter to him.

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