When You Hate What You Have

Sunday morning’s message was a reminder you can possess what belongs to the enemy. Deuteronomy 7 contains God’s words of instruction that Moses was delivering to the people.

To Think About:

  • Read verse1. Moses detailed seven other people groups, each of which would have its own religions, gods, or ways of living. List seven powerful “gods” you might encounter in your daily life. What makes them so powerful or popular?
  • Verse 5 describes the measures that need to be taken to get rid of what isn’t from God. What is the problem with even a “little bit” of some idol or altar staying around? In your own life, when have you been tempted to do what’s wrong because of something very small?
  • Read verses 6. The people Moses was speaking to were not extraordinary on their own. They were people living life just as you do. Even so, they were chosen by God. He handpicked them! How does it encourage you to know you don’t have to be special because it’s God who makes you special?

To Pray About:

  • Be honest with God and tell him what you have that tempts you to turn away from him. What seems to satisfy, even if only for a moment, more than him?
  • Ask God to help you be courageous in hating the very thing(s) that pull you away from him. Ask for wisdom to know what steps you need to take so that you reflect that you are holy and chosen.
  • Thank God for choosing to share Jesus with you. Let him know how much that means to you.

To Live Out:

The devil is like a prowling lion seeking his next meal (1 Peter 5:8-9). Keep your eyes open, your senses on high alert and your ears turned to the very words of God and his Son, Jesus. In Peter’s words, stand firm in the faith.

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