The Local Mission of God: Go!

In Luke 8:26-39, Jesus has people looking and talking. Some are afraid, and others are thrilled.

To Think About:

  • Read verses 26-29. What can be some of the scariest aspects of being around people who aren’t like you? Where would Jesus go today to find people who have been banished from town?
  • Read verses 30-35. One side-effect of this man’s healing was its impact on the pigs and the pig farmers. It also made it hard for Jesus to stay there for long. What are some of the difficulties that might be encountered today when someone decides to follow Jesus? Consider the one learning about Jesus, the one teaching about Jesus, and anyone watching.
  • Read verses 36-39. Much of what you encounter each week does not involve something as newsworthy as the change in this man’s life. Or does it? List some of the ways you’ve changed since you started following Jesus. What do you do differently? How do you think or speak differently?
  • Mindful of how you responded to the previous questions, what do people learn about Jesus from watching your life? (34-36)

To Pray About:

  • Thank God for what he is doing in your own life. Share with him how you’ve realized he’s forgiven and changed you.
  • Pray for the opportunities you and others have to “go” in Jesus’ name.
  • Ask God to help you see ways you can tell others about what Jesus has done for you.

To Live Out:

You can “go” in your day-to-day events, and you can partner with others in the Naperville church family who are going out locally. If you’re interested in doing that, or just learning more, scan the QR code below and share your contact information.

QR code for information on local missions

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