Worship Starts Before Worship Starts

In Romans 12, Paul explains that worship happens more than once a week. Worship is ongoing.

To Think About:

  • Read verses 1-2. ‘Sacrifice’ isn’t a word we use much except in finances (“I guess I’ll make a sacrifice and not buy a cup of coffee today.”) and baseball (“sacrifice fly”). What does Paul say we should sacrifice here in Romans 12:1-2?
  • Read verses 3 and 16. Humility is mentioned more than once by Paul. Why does self-image matter when it comes to how you treat others?
  • Read verses 17-21. When someone wrongs us, it can seem easier to strike back than to love back. How would your church family be stronger if you did not try to get even or attempt to strike back?
  • In verse 18 (quoting from Deuteronomy 32:35), God says he will be the one to avenge what is wrong – not you. How do you think God balances mercy and judgment?

To Pray About:

  • Thank God for his mercy for you and for those you know.
  • Pray for your church family and other groups of believers you know.
  • Ask God to remind you to worship him before and after Sunday worship starts.

To Live Out:

In 12:1, Paul reminds you of God’s mercy. God expects you to be merciful to others, especially those you are around each Sunday. What will you choose to do this week because of what Paul wrote?

Watch the sermon here – sermon starts at 28:30.

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