Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – It’s All About You!

Psalm 119 has so many actions you can take to interact with God’s words. On Sunday, one of the ways we read about was hiding God’s word in your heart (119:11). You can tuck God’s words away in your heart by memorizing them. That is what you’ve done with your social security number, your account password, and your street address. You’ve said and written them so many times, and they are hidden away ready to come out when you need them most. That’s why this songwriter could say, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Here are two ways you can start memorizing God’s words: (available as an app for your phone) (available online)

If you didn’t start last week, it’s not too late to read Psalm 119 before next Sunday:
Monday: Ps 119:1–32
Tuesday: Ps 119:33–56
Wednesday: Ps 119:57–88
Thursday: Ps 119:89–120
Friday: Ps 119:121–144
Saturday: Ps 119:145–176

Watch the sermon here – sermon starts at 39:44.

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