Come Hungry: Feeding on God’s Words – It’s Delicious!

The words found in the Bible are there to point you to God. He’s revealed himself in many ways, and the written word is one of those. Psalm 119 is a song that vividly describes the effort and the benefit of time with God’s words. This week, may you explore them and find strength and freedom.

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible, but you can still read it before next Sunday:
-Monday: Ps 119:1–32
-Tuesday: Ps 119:33–56
-Wednesday: Ps 119:57–88
-Thursday: Ps 119:89–120
-Friday: Ps 119:121–144
-Saturday: Ps 119:145–176

There are many different ways you can interact with the Bible. Here are a few:
-You can read the Bible in many different translations.
-You can even listen to the Bible being read in many translations.
-You can also read or listen on your phone

Watch the sermon here – sermon starts at 39:55.

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