Kids Need and Kids Can

Jesus did not want the kids taken away from him but brought closer. What a place to be: closer to Jesus! That’s not only for children but for anyone with the heart of a child.


God, I need your help to become less childish and more child-like. I want to think more about your ways and less of my own. Running away from you seems to come easier than running to you, and I want that to change. I need it to change. It will be difficult because I know you can give what I’m asking for, but it is up to me to receive it. Please help me to accept all you want to give me. This is all spoken to you through the power and name of Jesus, amen.


Reread Mark 10:13-16 and Matthew 18:1-6.


List the children in your life: in your family, in your neighborhood, at church, and among your friends. What can you do so they can experience Jesus? Will they hear his words in your words? Will you give them a glimpse of what he does in what you do? When they think of ‘love’ or ‘patience,’ does your face come to their minds? If you are aware of any stumbling blocks between you and a child, bring them to God . . . and leave them there. If you are aware of a way you can be a bridge between a child and God, bring it to God . . . and don’t leave it there – act on it.

Watch the sermon here – sermon starts at 27:45.

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