Two of the Greats: Commission and Compassion

From Virginia to Galilee and from Chicago lakefront to Naperville’s Riverwalk, there have been people gathering. Some were commissioning, some were commissioned, and all need compassion.


Ask God to help you see ways you’ve been selfish instead of compassionate toward others. Be specific and seek forgiveness. Next, ask him to remind you of ways he has shown you compassion. You might even list these so your eyes can see what your spirit hears. Finally, thank God for the commissioning he’s given you.


Matthew 25:31-46 shows you are to be part of The Great Compassion. Matthew 28:16-20 calls you to attention as you are sent out in The Great Commission.


You do not have to look far to know a battle is going on. It’s a battle for the soul of every person – including yours. Jesus, as the commander, has given you orders: treat others with compassion, and tell others about him. For whom is it hard for you to be compassionate towards right now? What would Jesus do in your place? Don’t think. Just do.

Watch the sermon here – sermon starts at 32:39.

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