Road Trip with Jesus – Part 3

The last part of our road trip with Jesus unfolded yesterday. You learned the way to God, and who needs to know about that way. Now make it more personal. Even though we finished our Sunday morning road trips, keep on traveling with Jesus. If you weren’t able to catch the sermon you can watch it on our YouTube channel.

God gave you a way to be with him: Jesus. Thank God for Jesus! Praise God for giving you Jesus! Let Jesus hear how grateful you are!

Reread the verses from Sunday’s message: John 3-4.

Each day this week, choose one way to move closer to Jesus: read his words, speak to him, share him with others, act as he did, etc. As you do that, look for ways to invite others on this journey with you. Look for travelers who may not know Jesus or who do not know him in the ways you do.

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