Road Trip with Jesus – Part 1

Yesterday, on the first part of our road trip with Jesu, you learned to know whom to follow. You also learned you are known. Each of those can change your life. How? Spend some time praying, reading, and responding below and we’ll gather for the second part of the road trip next week. If you weren’t able to catch the sermon you can watch it on our YouTube channel.

Thank God for knowing you. Ask him to give you wisdom for knowing whom or what you are following right now: money, hobby, job, Jesus? Seek forgiveness for the times you have ignored Jesus’ leadership. Praise God for the times you have followed Jesus.

Reread the versus from Sunday’s message: John 1:29-51.

After praying and reading, what action do you need to take? It might be a little step or a big step. Whatever you decide is needed, let it move you in step with the One who wants to lead you.

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